Who Are We?

Our fire department is comprised of approximately 25 men and women of various ages, backgrounds, skills, and interests that come together to provide professional volunteer fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to our community and surrounding areas.

We are your friends and neighbors.

What does it take?

  • Be at least 18 years of age (14 years of age for junior firefighters)
  • Be physically, mentally, emotionally, and morally fit to perform the duties of an emergency responder
  • Submit a completed application, which can be downloaded below
  • Pass a background investigation, including a criminal history check and child abuse clearance

What are the Benefits?

  • An immense pride in the knowledge and skills you acquire through your training.
  • Life experience that will prepare you for any situation.
  • Social events and camaraderie.
  • Your brother and sister firefighters will become a "second family", forming lifelong friendships and some of the strongest bonds that you will ever form.
  • The satisfaction that comes from doing an important job well while serving your community.
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What if I don't want to fight fires?

That's okay. There's many other jobs that we need help with around the fire department that don't involve responding to emergencies. We have a Contributing Membership for those interested in tasks that include:

  • Administrative Work
  • Fire Safety Education
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Public Outreach/Community Events
  • Station and Equipment Maintenance

How much time is involved?

The amount of time spent volunteering varies throughout the year, averaging about 16 hours each month. Each year, volunteers must attend at least two of the following: two regular meetings, 20% of fundraising activities; 20% of scheduled training or work sessions, and/or 10% of fires and other incidents.

However, the largest time commitment is when a member first joins and enrolls in entry level firefighter training. This training is usually held on a combination of evenings and weekends from January-May, followed by national certification testing in June.

What do Volunteers do?

During a new volunteer's one-year probationary period, they participate in an extensive 168-hour entry level training program to acquire the skills and knowledge to safely participate in fire and rescue incidents. After completion of this training, new volunteers are prepared to test for the Firefighter 1 and Hazmat Operations national certifications. Volunteer firefighters will continue attending training classes and station drills to maintain and hone their skills.

Volunteer firefighters often work in noisy, stressful, hot, smoke-filled situations performing tasks that include:

  • Driving and operating fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles
  • Carrying equipment between apparatus and incident scenes, and up and down stairs in buildings
  • Forcing entry into a structure through doors, windows, or walls
  • Advancing charged hoses to extinguish fires
  • Raising and lowering ladders
  • Ventilating a structure to remove smoke and hot gases
  • Searching for and carrying victims rescued from a structure
  • Extricating victims from vehicles and machinery
  • Rescuing victims from confined spaces or hillsides
  • Providing emergency medical care to people who are sick or injured as the result of fires, accidents, or medical issues
  • Inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining apparatus and equipment
  • Presenting fire safety programs
  • Participating in community events & department outreach activities

Volunteers also spend an ever-increasing amount of time throughout the year raising the funds necessary to operate the fire department, in addition to attending meetings and performing administrative work.

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Meet Some of Our Members

People join the fire department for many reasons. Some do it because of a family tradition while others do it for a challenge or simply out of a desire to help others. Regardless of your reason, it is a great opportunity to give back to your community and be part of an organization with a long history of protecting the public.


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Next Steps...

To become a firefighter, download an application or
stop by the firehouse at: 1125 Main Street, Johnstown, PA 15909